Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Weekend in Pickwick

Over the Easter weekend we celebrated William's 25th birthday with some family and friends. Nothing too fancy, just a casual night at The Rib Cage in Pickwick. The next morning we got up early for breakfast at church before Easter services, then came home to enjoy the long afternoon.

Ami & Ty 

Dustin & Nicole 

Christian & William 

Daniel, Kimberly & Nick 

William, Daniel & Christian (What a cool kid!) 

The whole bunch 

Easter Sunday at home 

Landon tried to sit still long enough for a picture 

She's finally starting to look pregnant!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Reveal Party

A few weeks ago we had our "reveal party" - that is, we invited a bunch of folks over to let them know whether we were having a boy or a girl. The culmination of the evening was the cutting of the cake. The color of the inside would reveal the secret. What's coming to the Jones house, bowties or hairbows? We'll get to that later, but first let's check out the party guests...

The cake - what's on the inside, blue or pink?

It wouldn't be a party unless we fired up the Big Green Egg.

Ami, Heather Kee, Jonathan Kee, Ty, Ross Mitchell

Jimmie, Allison & Grace McChristial

Rob, Julie, Ada & Lila Craft

Rusty & Theresa

Rusty, Theresa, Ami, Ty

Susan, Ty, Ami, Robert, Christian

William Dodd & Christian

Time to cut the cake...it's PINK!

Future grandparents excited about the news (notice that Rusty is Skyping with Sarah).

Best picture of the night - William and Brandon Perkins high-fiving because they each guessed correctly.

Raines and Makena (but notice Rob in the back taking off the blue shirt to join Team Pink).

Laken Perkins (with her mom, Tisha) excited about her new friend that's on the way.

Makena, Memory, Raines & Randy Parrish repping the pink Jones soda.

Here's a shot of the evening's honored guest. Doesn't she look excited?

Now the secret's out - Ty & Ami are having a girl!