Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slowly but Surely

Another couple of weeks pass, and things are still moving right along. Some of them less noticeable than others, mind you, but progress nonetheless. As you can see from the pictures below, bricks continue to wrap around the front of the house, but the area under the porch is being saved for the inevitable rainy days to come. The deck is almost complete, but the drywall mud dries slower when the weather is wet and cold like it has been the last several weeks. However, we're still on track for our projected move-in date. On to the pictures...

Looking much more complete from the front

Hardie-shingles and window are now installed on the dormer

Gable vents are in place

Deck floor is almost complete (by the time you read this, it WILL be)

Deck is supported by 4 1/2 " steel pipe in concrete

One of our carpenters (Daniel) used to be a welder in Alaska, so this project was no problem for him - he did a great job

Taking the first steps out onto the new deck

View from the living room doors

We wanted the garage to have an interior feel, so we used bead board on the walls and ceiling with heavy crown and baseboards - it will look much better when it's painted

Garage walls and trim are almost totally finished

The trail of mud and dust tells you that the drywall finisher was here

Notice the new layer of flooring for areas that will be carpeted

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