Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving Indoors

We've had some big changes in the last couple of weeks. It has rained non-stop, but luckily we had plenty of work that needed to be done on the inside of the house. Most significantly, insulation and drywall has now been installed, and WOW does it ever look different. Last week the insulation guys came down from Memphis and finished their work in a day. Instead of just using traditional batt insulation, we decided to go with a high-density spray-in foam between the studs, with Eco-Batt on top of that. Then, our sheet rock guys showed up and started hanging drywall. They actually finished hanging it yesterday, but won't start mudding and taping the joints until today or tomorrow.

As you can see, we cleaned the inside from floor to ceiling before insulation went in

It wouldn't stay this clean for long

Spray-in foam between the studs seals off any airflow

Sprays in as a liquid, then expands and hardens

Putting Eco-Batt on top of the foam

We also put some sound-deadening insulation on some interior walls

Foam around the top of the tray ceiling in the master bedroom

The first day of drywall - dust is everywhere

Finished guest bedroom walls, ceilings and closets

Guest bedroom on the back of the house

Holes cut out for each light fixture

You can't get a much better fit than that

Routing out the opening for a light switch

These guys were as neat as possible - they even organized their scraps

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