Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Brick in the Wall

Well, we're finally starting to get to some of the fun stuff. Our brick arrived late last week, and bricklaying began early Saturday morning. Below there are several shots of the progress that has been made. Also, now that our carpenters are back on the job, we had our windows and exterior doors delivered. How about some visual evidence?

Our bricklayer, John, posing with the first brick to be laid on the house. The man you are looking at is the entire bricklaying crew. He will mix every ounce of mortar and lay every brick that goes on the house. He also layed the entire block foundation by himself.

The first brick

John taking his time to lay each brick, tap it into place and wipe the mortar

This was about 3 days worth of work. A one man brick crew isn't fast, but the quality is second-to-none

Close-up of the brick - Notice the queen size brick with wide mortar joints that give it a really old look, as well as the carpet-rubbed finsh ( and yes, he really rubs it with an old piece of carpet)

Vertical bricks in front of the crawlspace vents

Standing upstairs looking down into the staircase

This is the area over the main body of the house

Room over the garage - Both of these rooms look MUCH bigger in person

Front doors - Ami was very excited to see these delivered

Windows laying against the living room wall

David working on the cornice

Front view of the house with all of the shingles on - Brick was started on the back of the house

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