Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plumbing and Electrical (and free labor!)

Before the roof went up, Ami's dad and one of her sisters came up to visit and help us pre-wire the house for cable, phone, internet and the burglar alarm. It was a huge help, and Ami even got in on the work. Thanks again to Rusty and Lacey for all of their hard work. Everything looks great!

Also, our plumber is almost finshed with his rough-in work. We didn't have to make too many snap decision, becuase we knew where all of the sinks and toilets were going, but we have a long list of decisons that do have to be made soon. Below are some pictures:

Wires running through the ceiling joists

Lacey and her pink toolbelt

Receptacle boxes

Rough-in plumbing for the washer and dryer

Plumbing underneath the house

Ami up on the ladder pulling wires

Rusty mounting a phone/DSL box

Ami singlehandedly installed this phone/DSL box - isn't she handy?

Hard workers after a long weekend

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