Friday, August 21, 2009

It's All About the Roof

I know it's been a while since we've posted any updates, but some days the changes aren't very evident, so I waited a little while in order to show a little more dramatic change in the house's appearance. Most of this post has to do with the roof, whether it's decking, shingles, or the new covered deck. For those of you that are interested, you may notice that we didn't use typical decking on the roof. We used a product called Zip Roofing, or Zip Board. Unlike the usual decking, it has a built-in moisture barrier, so there is no need to re-cover the roof in felt paper. The black stripes you see are the seams, which have been covered in a special tape. Once installed, the manufacturer guarantees the roof to be water-tight for 120 days with no shingles. You also don't have the time and expense of applying the felt paper, so it speeds the job up. Shingles go down directly on the Zip Board. We've had a lot of people stop and ask about this product. The carpenters really like it a lot. As for the shingles, they are Owens-Corning architectural, and the color is Driftwood. The part of this post that we're most excited about is the roof over our deck. When we started building, we didn't think we were going to do this, but we decided it would be money well spent. The deck isn't built yet, but the roof is finished and we're really happy with how it's turned out. Having the deck covered turns it into an all-weather outdoor room, and as much as we grill out and entertain, we're really looking forward to it. Enough of my rambling, on to the pictures!

Front of the house with all of the Zip Board in place

The small black squares are where tape was applied over nail holes from the toeboards

Rafters for the roof over the deck

Scaffolding built to hold the roof since there is no deck built yet

Looking out the kitchen door across the (future) deck

View from the backyard

View from the golf course with all of the Zip Board in place and the deck roof complete

Roofer starting in the valleys

Working over the garage

Shingles covering about half of the front of the house

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