Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Out of the Ground

Ok, now that we are back in real time, everyone can follow the progress as it actually happens. We're at the point where things are moving really fast, and we should be in the dry in a couple of weeks. Over the past few days we finished the sub-floor decking, laid out all of the rooms on the floor and finished the walls. The concrete for the garage and porch should be poured this week, so they will be able to frame around the garage in a couple of days. Also, the ceiling joists will be delivered this morning, so the installation for that should start very soon. Here are a few pictures.

Sub-floor complete

Entryway into the master bedroom
Note the large closet to the left (hers) and the small closet to the right (his)

Looking across the jack-and-jill bath and powder room to the rear guest bedroom

Standing in the garage looking at the guest wing of the house

Left doorway goes from kitchen to deck, right doorway goes from living room to deck

Looking out of the front guest bedroom

Master bedroom and bath without completed walls

From left: Maynard, Daniel and David

Maynard working on a header

View out of the front door

View of the back of the house - notice our golf cart garage under the guest bedroom

Looking forward to waking up to this view every morning

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Ami said...

Girls need bigger closets ;)