Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching Up - Part IV: Floor System

Ok, after reading this post you will be up to speed. The last few pictures in this series were taken when I left the job site at 7:30 this morning. Instead of a traditional stick-built floor, we decided to use engineered I-joists. They went up extremely fast, saved us lots of time and labor costs, and gave us the strongest floor you can build.

Laminated beams that support the I-joists

Bundles of I-joists

Maynard (the crew leader, in the cap) and David, 2 of our carpenters

Double laminated beams, 15-ply each

David putting treated lumber around the perimeter of the block wall

View from the road with all of the I-joists in place

Floor decking as it began to go down

View of the golf course

This gives you an idea of the elevation of the back of the house

Maynard gluing down the sub-floor decking

Ami taking a picture of me from underneath the floor

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